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The Canadian Yoga Institute prides itself on providing several different instructors who are formally trained in the style of class that they teach. As an example, only someone trained in pre-natal yoga, will be teaching you pre-natal yoga. Only someone trained as a yoga therapist will teach you yoga therapy. You don’t go to a lawyer for an oil change, do you? It is with profound thanks to our teachers that we are able to be the studio that we are and give the gift of yoga to as many as we do.​

Lyndsey B.

Like many, Lyndsey didn't find yoga - it found her, which is a beautiful uplifting thing to happen to someone.

Lyndsey originally went to a yoga class in 2004, in an effort to bond with her inspiration and best friend, her mom.  And while that certainly happened, she found many other things as well - such as happiness, inner peace and the desire to live a better quality of life. Yoga gave Lyndsey her well known spark and the will to try and make a difference in her life and others.

Lyndsey joined the Canadian Yoga Institute in 2005 as the registrar, and quickly became one of the family.  Over the years, Lyndsey has studied the practice of yoga, attended the Yasodhara Ashram and worked intimately with the founding mother of CYI (Aleyna Sheradha) and her beloved husband, Cam Maclean.   Lyndsey obtained her certification through the mentorship and guidance of Susie Dias from East to West Yoga and is currently furthering her own practice and continually upgrading her training through East to West Yoga, as well as taking courses with Susie Hately.  In September of 2011, Lyndsey became certified in pre-natal yoga upgraded to a 350HR RYT, and has completed levels 1 and 2 of Critical Alignment Therapy.

Lyndsey's roots are in the Hatha practice, however the more she learns the more she realizes the similarities of the many disciplines in Yoga...after all, it is all about the practice of yoga.  Lyndsey strives to focus on two of the most important foundations of yoga, breathing and spirituality.

Even as a teacher at CYI, Lyndsey remains in an active role at the Canadian Yoga Institute as the General Manager and a volunteering member on the Board of Directors.  However it's not all hard work,  she is the first to encourage fun and adventure on and off the mat. Lyndsey has been instructing classes at CYI since 2009.

Debra P.

Debra’s passion for yoga and world travel is boundless. Recently in 2022, she graduated from the American Viniyoga institute with 500HR's in  Viniyoga foundations Program for Teaching and Yoga Therapy with Gary Kraftsow.  Debra also has her RYT500 certified instructor as an Advanced Integrative Yoga Therapy with Joseph LePage. She has also had the privilege to attend the Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health, and has travelled to the far reaches of the globe to

enhance her knowledge in the ancient healing art of yoga.


She is a certified teacher in Yoga of the Heart with Nischala Joy Devi, and has perfected yoga therapy with influences from studying with many Yoga Therapy instructors,  and is able to teach those affected by cancer.  Other influencers for Debra have come from the lessons and guidance from Neil Person, Timothy McCall, Father Joe Pereira and Susi Hatley which have truly aided Debra in becoming a master at her craft in teaching yoga therapy for pain management, for well being and healing addictions.


Whenever possible, Debra has always taken the opportunity to further her knowledge by gaining additional certifications in;  Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra from Jennifer Reis; Level 1 and Advanced Level 2 of iRest Yoga Nidra; Prenatal and Sacred Birthing from Janice Clarfield; Silver Age Yoga; Restorative Yoga from Jillian Pransky; Yin Yoga from Bernie Clark and is certified to teach yoga and meditation for traumatic brain injury awareness from the Love Your Brain Foundation.


When not on the mat teaching a yoga class, you can usually find Debra taking one. Debra has been instructing since 2011 at CYI.

Robyn C.

For Robyn, yoga has opened the essence of her truest self. Teaching since 2008, Robyn completed her Level III teacher training with Gaiatri Yoga in June 2011.  She also completed a pre and post natal specialty with Gaiatri Yoga in April 2011.

Enthusiastic and dedicated to living life in its truest form, Robyn strives to move through each day as open hearted and passionately as possible. Robyn’s classes are playful but disciplined with a focus on alignment and awareness of the true self. Robyn has a background in psychology and nursing, and spends most of her days employed as a Registered Nurse, focusing on patient education in wellness.  Robyn has been instructing classes at CYI since 2011.

Melinda G.

Yoga has been a guiding force in Melinda's life for many years. She started practicing yoga in 2003 and quickly began to notice the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits, which fueled her desire to learn more and deepen her personal practice.


In Melinda's work as counsellor she has also witnessed the incredible impact that yoga has in promoting healing, wellness and personal growth. Melinda completed her teacher training at Essential Yoga Studio, in Fernie BC and is a 200Hour RTY with Yoga Alliance in 2013, and started teaching at CYI in 2014.

Gerard P.

Gerard has been practicing tai chi and yoga since 2000.  His latest achievement was to become a qualified tai chi easy leader with Dr. Roger Jahnke O.M.D. at the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts, and Gerard has also studied under 2 other Tai Chi trainers in Canada.  Gerard has also attended Yoga of The Heart with Nischala Joy Devi in Austria is 2012.  He is a true believer in the traditional ancient healing arts of mind body and sprit in both lifestyle and practice.  His practice of tai chi qigong and yang style of tai chi along with a brisk daily walk and 3 yoga classes are some of his weekly highlights.


 Gerard is a devoted husband, father and grandfather and has been operating his family electronics business in Lethbridge since 1966, and has been instructing Tai Chi since 2014 at CYI.

Shannon N.

For Shannon, yoga started as a fun and enjoyable physical activity that came in and out of her adult life for years. It wasn’t until the physical toll of carrying and birthing three baby boys in a short period of time that the practice of yoga became a part of her daily journey. She began to notice reduced pain and an increase of general physical health. As her practice deepened, the affect that her daily practice had on her often turbulent mental health struggle was bit only noticeable to her, but also her family and friends. Yoga transformed from a hobby to a passion.


When it comes to her personal practice and teaching style Shannon prefers a fiery vinyasa style flow with upbeat (often loud) music. She also truly believes that yoga can be for everybody and every BODY regardless of age, ability, fitness level, gender, religion or orientation.

Shannon received her 200HR RYT in 2018, and also has a 75HR certificate in Yoga for Youth and 25HR certificate in a chair yoga mentorship program.  She started instructing classes at CYI in 2020.

Rachel B.

Rachel’s personal yoga journey began shortly after completing her registered massage therapist diploma at first to prolong her career, it quickly became so much more than that. Dynamic unification of breath, movement and heart, both on and off the mat. Completing her 200 hour YTT in Bali with Eoin Finn in May of 2016 followed by a large handful of other trainings (Yin, Aerial, Advanced Adjustments and Alignment, Baptiste Power, Youth Yoga and her truest passion, Blissology’s Superflow). Her classes are fluid, graceful, connected and love-full. Rachel has been instructing at CYI since 2018.

Ruth M.

The dynamic explorations of the physical challenges of a strong Vinyasa class to the introverted explorations of a Yin or Restorative class keep Ruth coming back to the mat.  This variety of opportunities makes visits to the mat new every time and makes every practice inspiring and invigorating.  Ruth is grateful for the opportunity to share her discoveries and fascination with the journey of yoga. Ruth has been instructing at CYI since 2023.

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