• Yoga Mat (if you don’t have one, we can provide a temporary loaner, but for hygiene reasons you are best to have your own mat, also you will need it to practice at home. We have good quality mats available at Good Karma Yoga Boutique in the building)

  • Water bottle (we have a water cooler to use if you forget your water)

  • Any props required are available for use during class at CYI

  • ​All Supplies are available for purchase at Good Karma Yoga Boutique

Yoga Classroom Etiquette 101
​If you are feeling sick - please do not attend classes - you can make it up during the semester.

Are you a sick yogi? The people at your favorite studio,CYI, including your teacher, are your friends! So out of consideration for them, maybe take a few days or even a week off from yoga. Remember you can always make up the missed classes during the semester by making arrangements with the office.


  • Please arrive for class about 10-15 minutes before the listed start time.  Classes start promptly.

  • Practicing yoga in a group setting creates a sacred, safe zone. Allow room for other students to come in. 


  • Quiet Space- Arrive quiet:  Our centre is a safe refuge for you to explore yourself through yoga and connect with your still point. Each person comes to CYI for different reasons. Each individual deserves an equal opportunity to get the most from their experience while here.  Please honour yourself and others by moving quietly through the centre.


  • Leave quiet: After class notice what you are feeling. Try leaving quietly and savour the experience.


  • Entering Late – sometimes this is unavoidable. When you arrive, enter your class quietly and remain at the door until the teacher motions you in. Be mindful to quietly set up your practice space with minimal disturbance to others. If possible, please call the office before 5pm to let us know you are running late. If you are more than 15 minutes late for a class, please arrange to make-up the class with our office.


  • Leaving Early – when unavoidable…tell your instructor before class when you need to depart so you can work out a good time to quietly pack up your gear and exit.


  • Classroom chatter – save your visiting with friends for another time, stay present for yourself. Remember, when you talk while in a pose or receiving instruction, you not only lose out but they also have been distracted from their process.


  • Respect the instructor and class - Keep in mind the level of the class you are attending. Choose appropriate classes for your level. Please stick to what is being instructed, and know that the instructors will provide modifications (easier or advanced) when appropriate. If you are unsure what classes are suitable for you, please contact the office.

  • Honor Your Limits - For your safety, as well as respect for the teacher and other students, do not go to a class that is beyond your current level. Work from where you are, not where you think you should be. Never force to hold or attain a pose. Ask for modifications and practice your moves with control. Remember, it’s not a race.


  • Practice Cleanliness - If you’ve used blocks or straps, place them back the way you found them. Fold your blanket, and if you borrowed a mat from the studio, wipe it down before replacing it.

  • Attire - Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move and stretch in. A shirt is required for all participants.  When choosing attire, be respectful of others in classes, we ask that students wear clothing with modest coverage.


  • Cell Phones – please turn off your phones before entering the building.


  • Mat etiquette – the mat is symbolic of your safe place. Respect other people’s safe place by not walking on another person’s mat unless you have been invited to do partner work. Please set your mat down in accordance with the instructors chosen classroom layout.


  • Shoes - please remove your shoes when you enter the classrooms - and leave them at the designated areas. When leaving classes please remember to put them back on until you are at the classrooms again.  


  • Jackets/Bags - we kindly ask you to leave all personal items in the lockers provided


  • Smoking/Scents - No Scents make Good Sense. Please avoid wearing essential oils and perfumes, and avoid smoking before class.


  • Medical Information - please inform your instructor at the beginning of classes of any medical concerns including high/low blood pressure, injuries, chronic conditions, etc.


  • Pregnancy - if you are pregnant or become pregnant at anytime during the course of the semester, inform your instructor immediately.  Prenatal students are only permitted to participate in prenatal yoga. No Exceptions.

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