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 Each class is unique to the teacher that leads the class but the structure of all the classes reflects the description
**Any students who are pregnant or become pregnant during a semester can only be registered in pre-natal yoga classes**

Flow Yoga

Enjoy an active style of yoga, which links poses together in a fluid manner with the breath brings a perfect balance of energy and calm to the body and mind. *Extensive previous yoga experience required (a minimum of 6 months of consecutive classes). Intermediate Flow will move through creative sequences based on themes and alignment principles. We recommend a minimum of 6 months of active consecutive classes

Foundations (Beginner Yoga)

​New To Yoga? We Were Once Too. This class is a gentle introduction to yoga, suitable for everyone. You’ll learn basic Hatha Yoga terminology, postures, the use of props, proper alignment, breathing and meditation techniques. You will build the foundation of your practice with this class. Coming back to yoga after a time away from the mat? Use this class to review the basics.

Gentle Yoga

An unhurried, therapeutic yoga class introducing postures and breathing techniques that gradually build flexibility and strength. It is suitable for those new to yoga, with special physical concerns, or who simply wish to move at a slower pace.This class assists in stress reduction and provides a atmosphere of safety and comfort.

Gentle yoga is for absolutely anyone of any age, shape or size who wants to experience the many benefits of yoga. All levels of practice are welcome, and no experience or flexibility is necessary.

Happy Hips

This is a Hatha based practice with emphasis on opening and strengthening the hips. The hips are at the pelvic hub of our skeletal system affecting the way we walk, sit, move and sleep. Creating harmony in the hips often leads to harmony in the entire body/mind. Happier hips make for happier days and nights. This class will emphasize a variety of movement and is suitable for most levels of experience and for those interested in opening and strengthening the hips.


The emphasis will be on longer, static holds, there is less flow-based movement and more depth in each asana. You will go through a combination of standing, seated and lying postures that will challenge balance, strength and flexibility.Explore the postures you previously learned in greater detail & learn additional classical postures. You’ll also learn a new Vinyasa flow sequence that will challenge your heart rate and build overall strength. ​ *Previous yoga experience required (at least 1 semester of yoga basics)

Mindfulness Yoga

This class incorporates yoga postures, gentle movement sequences, breath work, supported silent meditation, and guided relaxation to support increased awareness and mindfulness of the breath and body, and quieting of the nervous system.

Power Flow Yoga

A dynamic, flowing sequence of yoga postures, linked together by movement and the power of the breath,  along with core exercises, a very energizing style of yoga will appeal to active participants. We recommend a minimum of 6 months of consecutive classes.

Prenatal Yoga

Prepare yourself for the joys and demands of pregnancy. Learn how to manage the constant changes in the body and  cope with the discomfort and fatigue of your pregnancy using yoga. Focusing on mind/body connection through breath and pelvic floor exercises, this practice will ease tension in hips, shoulders and problem areas while improving overall body strength. *Doctor’s referral is required. Gentle and appropriate for full term pregnancy


In this class the focus will be on deepening some of the classic postures.  You’ll release tight shoulders, hamstrings, back and spine.  Restorative Yoga consists of slow, gentle dynamic movements to create a calming energy. Restorative Yoga consists of longer holds and passive stretching allow you to relax in this nourishing all levels practice.

Stretch & Strength

Gain balance and core strength as you lengthen and lean your entire body.  A stimulating series of flowing postures that will challenge your stamina and strength. This class designed to sculpt, lengthen, and challenge different muscle groups.  We begin by appropriately warming the body to transition into more intense and dynamic movements. Props, including blocks, and weights will be integrated into class. *Yoga experience required

Vibe & Flow Vinyasa 

Each class is designed to build heat and intensity in the body in a vinyasa style flow with the addition of some sweet stretches.  This class is most suitable for students with previous yoga experience.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Yoga asks the student to listen closely to their breath as they move in and out of postures. We will use build-ups to bring us safely into more challenging postures, while following a theme or anatomical focus. This class is suitable for students who have practiced Yoga. 

Yoga for Wellness

A viniyoga practice, the healing discipline that will address the entire person (body, breath, mind, behaviors, emotions and spirit). Each movement is always linked to the breath to create inner awareness and really feel how the body responds to movement. This in turn brings greater awareness to the spine and the breath, improving functional movement patterns and core stability. This class will help to promote self care and encouraging overall well being.

Yang Style Short Form Tai Chi

This class consists of slow continuous, soft and circular movements in a flowing form. You’ll perform a series of postures or movements in a slow, graceful manner. Each posture flows into the next without pausing. All levels welcome.  Tai Chi is a form of self-healing within Traditional Chinese Medicine for your health and vitality represented as “chi” or “qi”, your life force. A sophisticated form of movement therapy and martial art, you will learn how to use the basic principles of Tai Chi: Breath, Concentration, Balance, Coordination and Relaxation by using slow, gentle, beautiful movements. Your entire body is activated internally and externally enhancing a relaxed mental attitude, building good health, mindfulness, brain fitness, neuromuscular and resistance training. 

Yin Yang Yoga

A class that combines two styles of yoga into one practice - bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses geared to stretch and strengthen your body, with more dynamic sequences and standing postures. We recommend having completed at least 1 semester of yoga basics before attending yin yang. 

Yin Yoga

A meditative, slow, quiet, yet challenging practice that works to target the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Postures are held for long periods

(3-7 minutes) which gives the body an opportunity to open and release deep tension and relaxing your muscles.

Yoga for a Healthier Back

Almost everyone experiences stiffness and diminishing mobility in their back that can lead to problems to their health if not addressed. In Yoga for a Healthier Back we work to release muscular tension and decompress the spine. After relaxing muscles that are overworked and tight, we restore mobility and strength through movement that focuses on increasing range of motion in the joints. Breathing exercises and a restorative pose at the end of the class will leave you ready for a good night sleep.

Yoga Integration

Join us for an invigorating fresh air practice integrating mindfulness techniques with yoga flow. Increase resilience, decrease burnout, deal with stress, build self compassion as you strengthen, stretch and balance. There is no bad weather there are just bad clothing choices.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is the application of yoga practice to alleviate physical & mental health conditions with the view of promoting self care and encouraging overall well being. 

In yoga therapy we use yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation and guided imagery to improve our mental and physical health. The holistic focus of yoga therapy encourages the integration of body, mind and spirit.

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